Notable Acclaim

Andrew Duhon Singer Songwriter
This record is genius. Not kidding. It is unbelievably great. This young man has it. The singing, the playing, the’s all there. Strikingly good. The world needs to hear this record.
— George Howard, former president of Rykodisc
Another world-class voice is heard from Louisiana, another soulful, mesmerizing singer who writes emotional songs with impact and heart. Andrew Duhon is a troubadour for the next generation, a story-teller for his generation. Measured in the blues with the gift of narrative, Andrew¹s songs will not only make you think, they will make you sing along, days later. This a young artist to watch, and to hear, as soon as you can find a way.
— John Snyder,
“l’ve been listening to your tunes as I’m writing your article and I felt moved to let you know as a fellow musician and a soulful person, my days has totally changed pace. I absolutely adore your music and I will do my damnedest to get to your show. ‘God damn I love when it rains at night…’”
— Chris Shearman, TIGER WEEKLY, Senior Writer
One of the best things I’ve heard all year...If the songs on this album are anything to go by, Andrew Duhon will be a big name before long.... Duhon brings the craft of a master short story writer to his songs and in doing so creates a series of skilfully rendered vignettes.
— John Scott, The LA Beat

With his cards to his chest and his heart on his sleeve, Andrew brings us his stories, in a voice as full as any I’ve heard, breathing life and truth into his songs.
— Trina Shoemaker, Grammy Award Winning producer and engineer

Andrew gets it. He understands not only how to craft an appealing song, but how to sell it on stage well beyond his years. He brings to mind a young Dylan with both his melancholy and sincerity.
— Eric Orlando, owner of Carrollton Station
Duhon’s music is deeply attached to the folk tradition, bringing Americana-injected melodies, sung with a twang in the voice and resonating like heartfelt stories...but there was something very sincere, down-to-earth and uplifting in these songs, although anchored in a real tradition...totally connecting with the public and giving us the complete and unique live performance.
— Alyson Camus, rock nyc
Andrew Duhon