'The Moorings' - CD - Personalize It!


'The Moorings' - CD - Personalize It!


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Andrew Duhon's Grammy Nominated album, The Moorings
Produced by Trina Shoemaker, and recorded in 2013 with the rhythm section that now tours as 'Andrew Duhon Trio' and often goes bite for bite on long john's during gas station stops: Myles Weeks (upright bass) and Maxwell Zemanovic (drums).

  1. The Moorings

  2. Evelyn

  3. Gonna Take A Little Rain

  4. Tandem Bike

  5. Sidestep Your Grave

  6. Rest On Her Shoulder

  7. Land Rush

  8. Girls from Other Countries

  9. Shelter You Through

  10. Just Another Beautiful Girl

  11. Feelin’ Low Down

  12. Feel it in My Soul

Produced by: Trina Shoemaker

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